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Flat Pinboard

Simple Pinboard userstyle
2014 · Side Project

Friendlier anti-social bookmarking

I signed up for Pinboard.in, the anti-social bookmarking site, to get away from all the social linking out there. I wanted a simple but flexible solution to store my links. Nothin’ crazy… Pinboard was almost exactly what I was looking for. I am a big fan of the site’s principles—focusing on being fast, flexible, reliable, and giving the user 100% control over their data. But as a designer, the one thing I felt was missing was that extra polish and balance in the design… So I created the (almost) Flat Pinboard theme—keeping it minimal but making it more balanced and current.

Transform your Pinboard

Right now the theme is only optimized for Chrome, and you will need the Stylish Chrome Extension for it to work.